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Originally Posted by IreJKA View Post
I found a bone, related ONLY to the body, not to the real cape, which is named "torso_cape".. wtf?

Uhm.. this might has "spawned" after I renamed the cape "torso_cape", just as you suggested.. It could be even a tag.. since I really don't know the difference between tags and bones <.<

However, will I have to apply the 50/50 method to each joint? shoulder-arm, arm-hand, torso-hips, hips-legs?

The caps, if I got it right, are things needed to cover those "uncovered holes" at the end of each mesh. What I meant before, is if will I have to weigth them all.. and if yes, how? Using the same bones I used for the body? I found it weird @_@
Although, reading tutorials and things here and there allowed me to understand that those caps will follow the pattern of their mesh, just as you said. I know that this is a pointless question, after all, as you previously said, caps will be my concern only at the end of the whole rigging process.. It's just that I ike to figure out what I am suposed to do.
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