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TSL: Combat Animations question

I have been watching some KotOR videos recently on youtube. I have KotOR 1 for Xbox and PC(without TnL ) But I only have TSL for Xbox(until I get a better cpu in the future maybe) Anyways, I've noticed, in TSL for PC, the combat animations are random for flurry , power attack, etc. Like, there's 3 animations each for flurry, power attack, and critical strike in TSL, and they attack with either one of those animations at random, while default attack is always cycling through its 5 or so animations like KotOR 1. In the Xbox version of TSL however(at least in my case), it's different. about 1/3 through the game, or late Telos(after the academy) is the original attack animations from KotOR 1. Then after that, it's some new animation that REPLACES the other ones up until maybe Onderon(my 2nd planet) THEN, it turns into the final animations that replace the other ones, and they don't look that great(that weird flurry move that doesn't look like flurry, and the power attack where you do some diagonal flip thing and slash diagonally. Do I need to have a certain style applied or what?

Please Give Advice and or Info about this

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