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"Alright. So do we have some sort of plan as to how we are going to this mission? I am all for going in guns blazing but I still need to know what enemy we are fighting."

"I see you're new at this Rodian. I'll give you a hint, it'll be the group shooting at us like there's no tomarrow," Psycho responded and laughed coldy.

He looked around at the group that he was with, There was himself, the rodian, the girl in black, the stormtrooper, and the man in blue armor. He watched as the man in blue armor walked up to the group.

"I believe its safe to say you're one of the people in charge so would you prefer Captain Blueberry, or Blueberry sir?" Psycho asked and laughed.

His suit was now designed to shock him everytime he misbehaved so he was shocked but not too much to mess with the ship or anyone else. Psycho began to laugh as the electricity ran up and down his suit.

"Torture please not when everyone's looking at us!"
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