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Okay, the law with paintings works in much the same way as any real copyright law. First of all, owning the painting will not give you ownwership over copyright, even if you had the original. But, if you did own full copyright (which, for the Mona Lisa at least, I think is impossible, but for our hypothetical lets say it isn't), morally or not, you would have every right to say that you didn't want it to be redistributed anymore (enforcing such a demand would be pretty impossible, but effectively, should you fin that someone was redistributing the work, you could request that they stop and even take legal action against them).

What you seem to be talking about here isn't really the morality of downloading a game, but the morality of a company refusing to let you have that game under any circumstances. And those are totally different things. I agree that LucasArts should be obligated to allow us to acquire these games legally, BUT, as they do own the trademark, that decision is still up to them and I think it is still morally and legally wrong to take that decision out of their hands or circumventing their authority over those rights by downloading the game anyway.

All I'm saying is that, if the company doesn't want you to have the game, them being morally obligated to make the game available doesn't justify stealing it simply because they choose not to.

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