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Jedi Knight came out several years before the Xbox. They decided with its horrible graphics that it shouldn't be ported to the Xbox. I believe the first JK game was on PS1. I think they thought it didn't have enough sales and the PC version stuck out more. So they decided not to have a PS1 version
Well youd think now with the xbox360 out and the superior technology out there they could improve the graphics and put it out on one of the next gen consoles and get alot of people to play it that didnt have the benefit to play it on a console before. Its the only JK game that hasnt been ported to a console and im sure most would agree here that its one of the best of the whole bunch. Just seems like something they could do when they run out of new ideas so the new crowd that plays on the newer consoles could enjoy it too. That way it would be an alternative to the PC version which many have trouble playing on the new systems.
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