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Post Resurrecting this topic

Hi there,

It's been a while (2 years) but I'd like to revamp this topic again, hopefully the people who reacted are still connected to this Lucas Arts Forum.

Are you still working on that Blitzbasic thing? Or have your interests since 2006 changed dramatically and lose the "twinkles" :P?

I think the remake is still a good idea. A Metroid Prime style 3D would be a good idea, but I'd say we shoulden't try to imitate a style.

"The downside is that the players of a first-person game expect to have a weapon in-hand and ammo readouts and monsters coming from all directions, but who's to say it couldn't be fun without all that?" -TogoMario

That is my thought exactly. It should be something fresh and new, a first person perspective in a 3d world but because you will be coming back at the same locations a few times as The Dig like many adventure games takes place in one big location with backtracking and such, you can increase the detail of the world. Unlike other 3D titles where there are locations u see only ones and the level designer won't take more time to place detailed enviroments with clutter/rubble/small decorations then nessesary. With a project like this u could spend hours on just the circular "hub" room where all the doors are and the generator room. Creating small cracks in the rock formations and the energy plants ect ect.

Gameplay wise.. anyone should take a look at how the game Penumbra Overture works. I think The Dig remake would benefit from the same kind of interface and physics system. Where your mouse is your hand which you can manipulate the world and objects with. I can see a redone version of the "rodent trap" puzzle where u'd have to physically create the simple trap by moving the objects around. How's that for a "twinkle"?
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