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Think the Harry Potter is easier and funnier to read then LOTR, but LOTR have a much greater story to it. So in term of reading and rereading i actualy say Harry Potter, but in term of evrything else, story, movies, games and even universe they are in i say LOTR

Like someones said earlier, he loved the way Tolkien descripe evrything, i just find it irritating that it need to be one page descriping the area they are in. It take away from the action and the story that im intressing in, so thats why i will probaly never reread LOTR serie even when i think it's good

And i can't really choose one or the other, i want to take LOTR since it is a better story IMO, but not a story that i will read multiple times that i have been doing with Harry Potter. Hard to descripe what i mean in english, but hope someone get what im saying ^^
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