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Originally Posted by Char Ell View Post
- Exhaust fan on the top of the PSU. My current PSU has two exhaust fans, one in the interior side of the PSU pushing air from inside the case into the PSU and the other on the back of the PSU pushing the air outside of the case. My case has an exhaust fan on the top as well but I'd prefer having the PSU push the air outside the case rather than inside the case and let my case exhaust fans pull the PSU-generated heat out.
I wouldn't worry too much to be honest. What the design of this fan does (by drawing air in and pushing it down) is cause a circular airflow inside your case. You want to keep the air, and more importantly, dust, moving and the psu generates a "jet stream" if you will of forced air. Although the fan is on top of the case, it will actually point down when you mount it (notice the off corner screw is on the bottom of the psu casing) Same as how my psu is pictured.

Drawing air in the psu from the back, then pushing it out/down cools the psu, generates the 'jet stream' and allows your case fans to complete the cycle. It's along the same system as when ppl mount front case fans. Those should always be mounted to bring air "IN" not push air out

- Modular cabling. I like the idea of only using the cables I need and not having to tie up the non-used cables and leave them inside the case. Don't know if there are any issues with modular cabling's longevity though.
I swear by modular cabling since while its convenient to use only the cables you want.. it's also more streamlining to let air flow freely without too much breaking up (see jet stream above). The cabling is actually far sturdier than most people think and it's often flexible enough to zip-tie etc to your hearts' desire.

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