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Wow.. this is my first post in like 2 years.. (i got a girlfriend and she didnt like computer games).

Anyway, I still stand by my initial comment that the game should remain in some form of third person. I think the ability to model the environments in 3D would give the game no excuse NOT to use a movable camera to create the "view from the aliens perspective" I discussed earlier. Stylistically, I think that was very important. Not just that, but Boston is his own character, rich with his own sense of wit, loyalty to his crew and so on (this richness of game character is one of the great victims of adventure games' descent into obscurity, but that's a discussion for another day) and while the player is guiding him, they are not HIM, so I think you should be able to see him at all times. After all, the game is based on a film idea concocted by Steven Spielberg, and I'm pretty sure the original game was designed with that in mind. 1st person would kill the cinematic feel as well as the ominous "someone is watching" feel.
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