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"Torture please not when everyone's looking at us!"

Delaney opened one eye slowly, and looked at Psycho as if he was out of his mind. "This guy is totally trippin'..." she thought to herself. Then she heard the guy named Alec ask them a question.

"So how did you all get into this mess?"

The young woman opened her eyes and sat up straight. "Well... I was chasing this one Ugnaught guy down the streets of Coruscant. He killed eight innocent people just to steal their credits. I caught him, and turned him in to the authorities. That's when this guy in a green suit came to me.

He told me that he checked my profile, and that I was the best mercenary there was." Delaney smiled. "I don't doubt that myself. Anyway, he told me about the mission, and I accepted it. And that's how I ended up here."

Delaney slouched on the seat, placing her arms on the armchairs.
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