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People Are Not Getting the Picture...

I have been reading many posts and threads about people complaining that there are no detatchable limbs, lame force animations, simple lightsabering, and probably others. People need to realize that this is the first next-gen Star Wars game (Lego Star Wars doesn't count).

If anyone has played more of the popular next-gen games that were previously on the prior generation are "dumbed" down. Meaning easier to play, easier to pick up, and easier to get through. A perfect example is ES4: Oblivion, it's a great game but compared to its predecessor Morrowind it's childsplay. Since everything is getting more and more expensive and because games are becoming more and more casual, developers are making them easier to pick up and play and make it to a wide audience including younger kids.

Parents who care about what their kids play wouldn't buy them a game that lets you hack off body parts even if it was Star Wars (like I said if they cared). Even though it puts us the older crowd at a disadvantage but in the end it gives the developers more sales because it can be purchased by a wider audience. But still most of us are going to buy the game even if it doesn't have everything that we desired, developers just implement things that will help them create the greatest sales.
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