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"So how did you all get into this mess?"

After the woman had finished speaking the shockings had stopped. Psycho looked around at the group and decided to tell his tale.

"Unlike most criminals out there who kill for credits, I kill simply because its fun. I had killed all the guards to a Sith Lord's home when I got to his family. Both the woman and the child were unarmed and therefore deemed not a good kill in my book. I turned to leave when the child took one of her father's sabers and charged me forcing me to shoot her until she dropped to the ground. The Sith Lord found out and stormtroopers such as Shadowman over there attacked my location. I killed most of the troopers and was able to take down an AT-ST. The sith lord had enough and took me down himself but for some reason decided to make me suffer by having me tortured. Seeing how that didn't work and that I'm skilled someone let me go and let me come on this mission."

Psycho took a seat in a chair and waited for some kind of remark, threat... or blaster shot.
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