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Originally Posted by stingerhs View Post
LotR just has a much more epic story. that and i really enjoy Tolkien's writing style over Rowlings anyways. Tolkien was always much more detailed, and that's what i love when i read.

the other big plus is that the LotR movies where just better all around than the HP movies (thus far). and regardless of how well done the next HP movies are, its going to take a monster effort to top Return of the King. there is no other movie out there that tops it in terms of how epic it is.

You took the words right out of my mouth. And I must add, that The Lord of the Rings, has HOBBITS! That automatically trumps anything Harry Potter churns out. =P

And with LotR, the movies are actually pretty darn close to the books, I can't say that about Harry Potter, mostly because I haven't seen all of the movies (about five minutes of one of them), nor have I read the books... But I do know from what I've heard, and what I've read... Harry Potter just WOULD NOT appeal to me at all.

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