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Xan plopped himself down on the ground next to the young merchant woman, letting out a big breath of air, he looked over at Aya and spoke to her in the most humorous way he could muster, considering how weary he was now.

"Old boyfriend?" He asked with a little smirk.

Aya gave him a quizzical, wide-eyed stare. "Wow," she said, in honest amazement. "How did you know it was male? That's the first ever Kraken I've ever seen! And hopefully," she added quietly, "the last one." She smiled at Xan. "I'm glad you're on our team, Xan. You've got an incredible knowledge of animals. Stick with me and Bob for the sea journey, okay? He's been acting a bit weird lately, and he hates sea journeys. Maybe by just being there with him, you can calm him down a bit for the trip."

The crisis over, she rose, brushing the sand from her skirt. "Thanks for your help, Xan." She looked him over, and seeing that he appeared to be none the worse for wear, she turned her attention to the rest of the people gathered on the beach. "Erm, is everyone else alright? And if so, can we go now before some other sea creature decides that they want to have us for lunch?"

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