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Carwyn glanced over at Kyo; the normally taciturn warrior did seem to be in quite a bit of pain. Not that he would admit it, of course. Warriors often tended to have stubborn streaks about them and Kyo was no different. Still, it wouldn't do for their leader to be injured and not tended to as they went on their journey, and Carwyn knew that Aya would do something about it one way or the other. Speaking of whom...

The ranger shouldered his bow and started to make his way over to where Aya and Xan were. "Aya, Xan!" he called out. "You guys all right?"


Chrys pulled herself out of the black-stained water and trudged towards the beach. The fight with the Kraken had been fast, furious and quick, and it had left her soaked to the bone. Frowning at her wet clothes, she wiped the long knife her brother had thrown her on her pant leg, then sheathed it in the strap at her thigh. As far as she was concerned, she had earned the right to carry a weapon again by her actions.

Shaking out her dampened blonde hair, she glanced behind her at the carcass of the Kraken floating in the water. It's black eyes were completely devoid of life, as if its very essence had been sucked out. Chrys trained her eyes on the pyromancer, Toa, still sitting on the beach, staring at the dead monster. He had done something...performed some sort of dark magic, that much was obvious by how quickly the creature had died. Yet it didn't seem to die from any sort of fire-incurred injury, making her wonder just how the flamewielder had managed to do it. Chrys didn't trust things she didn't understand, so she made up her mind to keep her distance from him.

She began the slow walk back to the inn, her shoes squelching from the water in them.
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