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Originally Posted by MajinMikeyX View Post
Experience points actually are easier if you know the Hulak Wraid exploit/glitch
Which is tedious and boring to exploit. If you want XP that badly you may as well use cheats instead.

Originally Posted by Corinthian
Why should she [Kreia] balk when your refusal to act results in some idiot getting his knees shattered?
As she says, apathy is death. The PC didn't exploit the situation for their own benefit (granted, that's not possible to do in the game, but the sequence was only there to provide (good) exposition from Kreia).

Originally Posted by Inyri
Kreia would scold you either way. >.>
Not if the PC was able to somehow strengthen himself or Griff through the experience. She'd probably see the latter as a lost cause, though I can see her approving of the character development Mission underwent (that being stopping to idolize her brother and growing up).

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
We will be great failures one day, you and I
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