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Originally Posted by mstr kenobi View Post
a one hit kill weapon vs a weapon that has to hit 3 times to kill an oponent(and behaves like a baseball bat)pretty much affects gameplay

did you like the star wars movies?

if you did like it what's the difference,between luke's hand being chopped off,and someone in a game getting his hand chopped?
On the default difficulty setting, stormtroopers take one swing of your saber and they die, so i dont know what you are on about with the 'baseball bat' comment. Try it, swing once with your saber on a stormy and he will die (the health bar just drains slowly).

Kotas men take a little more beating, but to me that's ok because i dont want everything in the game to be one hit. Hell, do you want bosses to be one hit with the saber also? Just cut them in half? I mean it would be realistic but too easy and boring.

I get what you mean about dismemberment and its a little disappointing for me also, but i hardly notice it when im destroying everything in my path.
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