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Originally Posted by stingerhs View Post
so, this is for the enthusiast that wants to play Mass Effect and UT3 simultaneously??

with that much available horsepower, you might be able to run Crysis on your monitor Astro.
The prototype in that linkie is actually the x-fire version. Im sure that with two 4870X2s(or 4x 4870s) on there, Crysis would be mince meat at 1600p. But then again, who wants to pay for such kit, and its associated power bills.

Nope. Poppin a (most likely)280+ in my shuttle will be fine for me Eventually maybe an x4 phenom eventually. 3 cores can fold, one can hop in a hammock and keep a lazy eye on the fort My rig can take up to 16GB. I currently have just pulled a stick out and have 3GB. Even with all the folding/gaming etc, I never seem to use RAM at more than 40%, and thats on x64. As it stands, I cant think of what Id do with 16GB. I think 4GB sticks are out, but they are far from cheap...


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