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Sorry, this argument is not valid, as the development team has stated that their philosophy is "kicking ass with the Force". The gameplay may be crap to you, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the demo quite often.
this isn't an argument,it's just a very stupid thing,somehow i doubt developers way around a game should be "let's do the force powers and f... everithing else"

if you like it,well,good for you!! have fun!!!

You also don't have to complain about it either. Or is that going to accomplish something?

If you people don't like it, don't buy the freakin' game. Others will enjoy it for what it is, "and that's all there is to it".
this is a forum for discussing this game,good points and bad points,not a "express your love for the force unleashed forum"
and no it's not gonna accomplish anything.

i'm considering it,had big expectations for this one but they fell short,so i'm complaining

The enemy AI isn't the brightest (or maybe just not powerful enough on any difficulty), so allowing one hit kills to everything would make the this game way too easy.
just make the stormies blasters just as powerfull,that brings back the game balance.

On the default difficulty setting, stormtroopers take one swing of your saber and they die, so i dont know what you are on about with the 'baseball bat' comment. Try it, swing once with your saber on a stormy and he will die (the health bar just drains slowly).

Kotas men take a little more beating, but to me that's ok because i dont want everything in the game to be one hit. Hell, do you want bosses to be one hit with the saber also? Just cut them in half? I mean it would be realistic but too easy and boring.

I get what you mean about dismemberment and its a little disappointing for me also, but i hardly notice it when im destroying everything in my path.
fair enough
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