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Alec stared at the Psycho with undetermined feelings. His story was quite... brutal.

"Sure do live up to your name, don't you?" he remarked. Then smirked. Better keep an eye on this one. He sounds quite gritty as he is. Never know if he is going to murder us in our sleep.

"As for me; have a respectful reputation for a mercenary. Natural choice to be selected for this mission. The Empire contacted me soon after an accomplished mission; which was rescuing a Jedi from a pirate infested planet. Never held a grudge against them or anything, but they sure did put up a good fight as we exited the atmosphere."

He didn't want to reveal anything about himseld and his "gift" to the others unless the time was right. If so, it would ease the curiosity of some crew members on why he wore armored robes.
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