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Originally Posted by jp-30 View Post
I still can't believe there was a Christian backlash in the US so strong as to probably kill any chance of movie sequels to Golden Compass. Ironic considering it'd dogma and 'blindly following organised religion' that is the central theme.
I haven't read the book (although they're highly recommended) but in all fairness, the reason their probably won't be a sequel to the movie is because it did badly at the box office and...really, it wasn't that good a movie. From what I've heard, the movie didn't end in the same place where the book did which hurt things a bit as the director seemed to be focussing too much on giving us a cliff hanger ending like the first Lord of the Rings did without actually earning it. Most of the rest of the move was rather weak as well, which is a shame considering its ensemble cast.

Oh, and the movie played down the "religion is nothing more than a controlling establishment" theme considerably so that people wouldn't be offended and I have a feeling that hurt the movie as well since it was one of the main themes of the book.

Really, the movie just wasn't a decent adaption and was a poor movie overall. From what I've heard, there are talks of sequels, but I think the only reason they'd do it is so New Line didn't have a movie with a story that didn't actually finish.

Oh, and funny thing, Pullmans original Americanised title for Northern Lights was "The Golden Compasses", the plural suggesting he was talking about a pair of compasses, used to chart a course over a map or draw a circle. It somehow evolved with the US publisher to "The Golden Compass", suggesting it refered to the very uncompass like device the girl had.

Oh, and just to keep things on topic, I just read Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox. Enjoyable read, if a bit short, it was enjoyable, especially in the fact that it's one of very few stories about time travel that didn't actually end up with a paradox (despite the title of the book).

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