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Originally Posted by Flash512 View Post
just so happens for Lucasarts Nintendo has their paper roll, the only excuse they came up with for no online for Force Unleashed was because they wanted to get more sales for the wii by adding multiplayer, as well as give staggering portables online versions as well. I just don't see why they had to make it a exclusive, why give multiplayer to a console which is in last place with Online Services its a smack in the face to all 360 and PS3 owners. I played the demo and I will honestly buy this game, but without online replay value is limited. But I believe theres more to that excuse than just lack of sales for one console if we all check you can notice that Lucas Arts is coming out with Star Wars:Clone Wars this game will feature multiplayer battles as well, what the hell.


I guess we will never see a online predecessor to lucasarts Jedi Knight Academy.
I think online would suck in this game. A bunch of button mashing isn't very hard.

Originally Posted by GeneralPloKoon
Online play, NO! Don't know why, but its aggervating.
Well, don't play online then.

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