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TX-42 walked into the cokcpit. He put set his rifle agianst the wall.

"Captain, The Galatic Empire Special Ops Detachment has told me to watch you carfully behave, you to Psycho." TX-42 said he took off his helmet and sat leaned agianst the wall. His tatoos were a navy blue.

" As for you, Pyshco how about you not talk about stories like that in front of a Novatrooper, I was an expert StormRifle man. General Romelin saw my performance on the front lines on Tatoine when i was just a year into my Service. I was Promoted to a StormOfficer and givin a job as a Special Operations NovaTrooper. I was asigned this mission as an overwatcher to make sure you dont goof around." Said TX-42, the zabrak smiled.
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