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"I was Promoted to a StormOfficer and givin a job as a Special Operations NovaTrooper. I was asigned this mission as an overwatcher to make sure you dont goof around."

Psycho laughed at the stormtrooper.

"How cute the empire sent a bucket head baby sitter for me. Your rank as StormOfficer is hardly scary to me in fact I killed dozens of them and those nova whatevers. In my book I've already tagged you as the worst at combat here. So if you think you can threaten me with your rank you've got another thing coming bucketman."

Psycho stared at the trooper for a minute and then laughed again.

"If you are so skilled then how come you didn't notice I've got my blaster pointed. By the time you had finished talking you could have been dead."

Psycho put his blaster pistol away and looked back over at Alec.

"So is that where you got that outfit Blueberry... from the jedi?"
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