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Originally Posted by ztemplarz View Post
I didn't see anything directly relating to this topic in the forum, so I apologize if I missed it (in which case I would be more than willing to delete this thread or move it to the appropriate place).

As the title says, what should the True Sith be like? How should they act? This came from a thread in another Kotor III forum that I really liked and decided should be here as well. This is what I personally came up with:

I think the cold and passionless character of him is perfect. Jedi are like Buddhists, that try to remove all emotion through contemplation of nature (the force). Sith are Darwinian Romantics that embrace and revel in emotion as a tool to increase the potency of the force.

It would make sense that the true sith would be completely emotionless, just coldy calculating- in other words, true psychopaths. Unlike the jedi, they wouldn't deny their emotions because they are afraid of acting impartially, but because they aren't willing to surrender their judgement to anything outside themselves. Motivated purely by the drive for perfection and power. Not FEELING hate, because they NATURALLY hate everything besides themselves. Not feeling LUST, because all they care about are themselves.

I also like the idea of them NOT using lightsabers, since that would certainly help distinguish them, but I've got an alternative option. If any of you have played Planescape: Torment, then you know all about Dakkon's magical sword that is formed by will. I think it would be awesome if the True Sith all used these weapons- essentially wielding pure force WITHOUT an actual lightsaber. They could go from fighting you with a single-bladed weapon, then transition to a double-bladed one, then maybe a spear-type one. An additional feature would be that YOU wouldn't be able to wield these weapons unless you went fully dark side.

Look forward to hearing other ideas!
Let me just point something out first to eliminate ambiguity:

There is a difference between insanity and crazy.

Crazy means perhaps erratic or clever boisterous charade, coherent. They know it and are fully aware. If a bit jangled in nerves--by will or otherwise.

Whereas insanity, the person is just lost--no conscious awareness of it or of a number of no particular order either. Incoherent. Not necessarily loud or quiet. They can perhaps be considered to have lost a majority of their sentience, whereas crazy is still quite sentient.

Then there is sociopath. Normally cold, emotionless. Calculative. Manipulative by nature it seems. Conniving backstabbers. Changing to fit in wherever, just so long as in the end they get what they are after and couldn't care less who they ruin to do it. Can't truly know this person--if you could call them that. They are amongst the most morally corrupt and reprehensible, despicable creatures to live.

Shaolin monks (which also are bhuddists... a *LOT* like jedi--especially fighter monks) tend to want to believe nobody starts out rotten or corrupt--it happens as a result of the tide in the universe, and is the culmination of all bad things to happen to you.

Shaolin Monks are peaceful. When there were fighter monks, however, they also funneled their emotions and anger and channeled it into a tool for positive and good. Kind of like Vaapad. They stood in peace so long as others did. One move in aggression, though, and they did what must be done--even if it meant they pulverized you. Like Jedi.

I'm not so sure some aren't born corrupt. At the very least, there are those born predisposed to it as their nature. Like ferrile animals.
Example: I had a very rare "red" fir rat in my rat breeding days--and I hand raised that thing from a 4 day old pinky as carefully as I possibly could. Sweet mama and papa. It worked for all its siblings: they turned out fine. Loved people, and each other. He, on the other hand would sharpen his teeth just so he could tear up whatever or whoever he bit into. Didn't play well with its siblings. Came home and I guess papa decided its spawn needed to be eliminated. Just as well--he would've been food for a predator if he'd lived.

If a TRUE sith species is born like that I suppose it might justify calling them an evil race...still, there are the few exceptions...or this may just be a misconception and caricature. Remember, it was dark jedi conquerors responsible for all the 'sith lord' stuff. The species lead their lives as just another society prior to that. Keep that in mind.

Edit: one more thing: Scapegoating. I think some of you might be looking for scapegoats, someone to blame for everything and to unite everyone. Keep in mind that it is social engineering amongst the very lowest order. That is how masses are indoctrinated with prejudice and hatred. If you want an ignorant society, go ahead with it.

Don't whine when after several millenia they have produced little of worth...should the society still be intact after that long

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