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The TFU version of Wii does not support online multiplayer. It has what LucasArts is calling duel mode, meaning if you have another set of controllers for your Wii then you and someone else in your living room, bedroom, or wherever your Wii is located can battle it out against each other on the same screen.

Will the levels be large and have split screens or will they be in a circular arena type thing?

Multiplayer in the Wii version is contained in one screen, so there?s no split-screen. The game?s dynamic camera does a great job of zooming in and out of what?s going on during combat to keep the pace of the battle very exciting.

How many people are allowed on multiplayer?

Two players can face off against each other in the Wii version of the game, while both the DS and PSP support four-player action.
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