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wow.. I was blown away by this one...

Ive seen ladies that were gaming or coding/modding savvy(we even have a couple around here), but ever met a lady into GPU kit, Nitrogen Overclocking etc..? I definitely havent in all my travels...

But alas, one exists... check out Steffee aka "SLI Chick" rip into GTX280 overclock with a cannister of nitro...

newsworthy in itself IMO.

* * *

Perhaps only exciting for myself, Quad HD displays to go production in 2009...

4,096 x 2,400 (4K2K for us display junkies) aka 2400p...

Panasonic will be releasing their 150 Inch 4K2K "Life Wall TV" next year. I have always been ranting that I want wall size UHD displays, so its good to see theyre listening

1600p is so 2007

Of course, not even a GTX280 in quad sli can even think about rendering a game in 2400p, but we'll get there (give it 5-7 years)

* * *

Here's some phun AMD news...

Rumour: Dual core, K10 based, Athlon branded CPUs on way from AMD

There definitely is a bit of confusion surrounding this rumour... 2.3Ghz? Apparently, these were initially going to be "Phenom" branded, but maybe AMD has made a marketing decision to revert to Athlon for their more successful dual core range?

AMD to switch to AM3/DDR3 in Jan 2009

AMD bringing out 45nm X4s by Jan 2009 Fanboys of course are crossing their fingers for higher clockspeeds


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