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7. Have a decent amount of endings. By "endings", I mean endings that are actually different. People complain about KOTOR 2 not having an ending, which is true, but I don't think KOTOR 1 had much of one either. In KOTOR 2, you kill the last enemy, escape, and the game immediately ends. In KOTOR 1 you kill the last enemy, escape, and get to listen to a speech from Master Vandar that has more ham than a Christmas banquet before the game immediately ends. I don't see much of a difference.

I want true, genuine diversity in the endings. In KOTOR 2, obviously, there is no difference whatsoever between the two alignment-based endings, and throughout the game you do basically the same things when you're dark-sided as when you're light. KOTOR 1 is just as bad, except you get one major difference in the ending cutscene. Both KOTOR games have very weak endings, consisting of a rapid drop in the number of story choices and dialogue, followed by a series of immense areas which contain literally nothing except more enemies to kill, with no breathing room given in between fights. It was even worse in KOTOR 1, where the enemies on the Star Forge actually did continually respawn. It's basically one huge fight, broken in K2 by a long conversation with Darth Traya at the end, but despite the much vaster amount of dialogue in K2, they both manage to turn out equally vague. K2's ending copied K1's, and even in KOTOR 1, which is for some reason considered to have a "real" ending, there's no diversity in the two endings except for a different ending cutscene (which even K2 has one tenth of) and some tweaked dialogue with the characters. I consider the light and dark endings of K1 to count as approximately one and a fourth endings, at most. Not only would I like KOTOR 3 to have complete endings, but I'd also like the endings to have actual differences between them. That aside, why are endings always decided by being light or dark, why not some other factors, too?

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