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Scales did not expect such a response. It was quite different from what he expected as he didn't know Psycho knew anything about him.

"These" He said moving his right index finger several times "Are the result of a mistake on my part. It's when you take out a large group of pawns and the king aims a gun at you. It was my mistake to lower my guard and I experienced pain unlike no other. Watching a maniac saw off parts of your body while you scream in pain. Then you wait for him to lower your guard and you escape that is what I had to go through and like you Psycho I don't care wether I live or die." He said crossing his arms.

"...And I do prefer Scales. Using tricks and scaring people doesn't give you as much of a rush as killing them honestly." Scales turned to the Stormtrooper. The pathetic wretch was most likely trying to suck up to Psycho.

"I believe you should be afraid. Because if your alone with Psycho I wouldn't be surprised if a little "Accident" happens." He said again leaning on the wall. Pulling his gun on Psycho would be a very stupid mistake. He had no idea how fast Psycho's guns were and how strong his armor was. Plus he was on a small ship hurling through space with several other people. Pulling one pistol on one person in a group was suicide.

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