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"I'll take useful over comfortable any day, watch." Psycho turned invisible right infront of Alec and for everyone else to see.

Alec watched boredly as Psycho disapeared. "Acitve camo. Should come in handy in almost any situation."

"So... Alec. Are you a former Jedi or something?"

"Never have been. I'm more of a regular guy with force powers; a little enhancement for myself when it comes to combat." Alec smirked. "To me, there is no such thing as the light or darkside. Jedi and Dark Jedi are simply misunderstood with false beliefs..."

"So how long till we reach this place?"

"We'll arive in a few hours. Best to make ourselves comfortable on this boat in the meantime."

He stood up and exited the room, heading towards the garage where the workbench lay. He pulled within his pouch the little enhancement for both his Lightsabers, under developed. Far from finished and by his estimation would take a few days to finish. He began to work using the small blowtorch.
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