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Originally Posted by Negative Sun View Post
One for teh Astro

Nvidia GPUs responsible for 42% of FAH output

Wow, that a lot!!!

P.S.: Sorry for being MIA, been enjoying a well-deserved holiday back home in Belgium with the family...Gutted for going back to work on monday though!
yes, you have been MIA, I posted that a few days ago in our folding social group miniforum, as it was folding related But still good to see you back

The nvision conference wrapped up recently. Whilst some interesting stuff was shown, they didnt seem to announce the 55nm 280+.. which is what the rumour was... damn fanboy rumours If you are interested in more detail about the nvision conference, HH from G3D flew to San Jose to check it out. Total War fans would be interested to see that the new installment is looking awesome...

Whilst you're there you might want to check out the review of the pre overclocked BFG GTX 280 OCX, which IIRC is the card our master folder chainz has been destroying WUs with

so as far as hardware goes, the 280+ now seems to be the focus for many who werent swayed towards ATIs power guzzling 4870X2...

You know what they say:
"if you cant do it with a single GPU, youre not doin it right"


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