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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
That having been said, what if Knights of the Old Rebublic III were to break with tradition in that the main character is not a customizable one, but rather a character from one of the previous games and was a companion of either Revan or the Exile? This would be perfect as this character would set out to look for them. My first choice would be Bastila. Having Bastila as the main character would be truly great!
No, most people - myself included - would greatly oppose this. You said you'd be breaking the traditions a bit, but that seems major for me. Besides, why do this when, as stated by Astor, you can do so perfectly without having to play as a pre-made character.

Aside from the complete loss of identity the game would undergo, people don't like some characters. For example, I hate Bao-dur, so what if he's selected to be the game main character?


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