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Originally Posted by RC-1183 View Post
ok what i meant by join the rebels was as in the rebels hacked some imperial archives and found out about omega and delta and kal's runaway and they hired them anyways why does everyone hate karren traviss i think she wrote great books
Okay then, let me ask this - why would Delta Squad rebel and desert?

Try and answer without fanboyish wishing along the lines of 'they wouldn't be evil'.

And everyone hates Karen Traviss because she writes pure, unadulterated trash. She also seems to think that she's the best author in Star Wars writing at the moment (not bloody likely, when Zahn, Luceno or Denning could outwrite her with both hands chopped off).

She's annoyed a lot of fans because she killed off two of the most popular characters in the Expanded Universe - Mara Jade and Pellaeon - after those two most people refuse to read her stuff.

And further more, a lot of people are sick of seeing every sentence contain a Mandalorian reference. Mandalorians used to be cool because they were mysterious. Now, they're downright annoying.

So there, that's why people hate Karen Traviss.
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