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Originally Posted by Kaer'lic Do'Urden View Post
Thanks for that

so most people went back to academy eh?? why's that?
Because of it's superior multiplayer and the fact that there are more players on it. Jedi Academy really is more like an expansion pack to Jedi Outcast and because of that most people found Jedi Outcast obsolete (Which I find laughable). A lot of really fun Jedi Outcast Multiplayer mods have already been implimented in Jedi Academy (Such as hydroball) and all Jedi Oucast skins work in Jedi Academy. The only downside I see to Jedi Academy's multiplayer in comparasin to Jedi Oucast's is the default maps. Bespin and Nar Shadda will always remain in my heart because of the fun times I had on them. That is why I got the mod that ports all of the original maps from Jedi Outcast to Jedi Academy.

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