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Originally Posted by JediRevan View Post
Halo, Jedi Academy, Battlefront, Battlefront II, and I think there's a few more.
... by more you must mean CoD4, the FPS of the year.

MMO = Massively Multiplayer Online

Halo fits 2 of those, multiplayer and online, but its not "Massive"

Halo is 16 person, WoW is 5,000 person.

Anyway, you also got to understand that with the transition from a single player game to a multiplayer game, theres gotta be some losses. Gameplay has to be changed to be more fun for more people at once, not 1 person in there basement.

Again, one of the best examples of this is WoW, going from Warcraft 3's storyline about a mans rise and fall from the light to killing 30 spiders is amazing.

I always figured that there are 3 elements that make a good game:


Unfortuantly, you can't have all 3, because they all limit each other in a way, for example, Gears of War Great Graphics, pretty cool gameplay, terrible generic storyline.

The closest game to being perfect (IMO) is TES:Oblivion, but its a tad lacking in storyline in comparision to the 3rd TES.

My suggestion is

Deal With it

The next Kotor going to be a MMO, like it or not.

But, if you can't get around that, look in WoW's direction again, with the money blizzards making from WoW, they are making 2 new sequels.

Imagine, ME2, JK4, and BF3 all from the Kotor MMO.

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