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Activating Windows XP on a Mac

Hey all,

I've been dual booting with XP on my Macbook Pro for quite some time now via bootcamp, recently I snagged myself a copy of VMware Fusion so I didn't have to reboot to switch OS's. However, VMware Fusion requires you to reactivate Windows due to the *significant* hardware change. I closed off my computer and went to bed since I had three days to activate Windows.

But, the next day Windows apparently thought that three days were over and it won't let me log in unless I activate it. Naturally this would be a painless process of putting the serial number and activating Windows. However, once I click activate Windows via Internet, it hangs out in the
Checking for Connectivity...
area forever.

When I try to activate Windows via telephone, the number it gives me is no longer in service.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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