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Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post
Unfortunately you will be losing a portion of your player base by restricting the Jedi class (I couldn't be a Sith Lord in Galaxies so much for that game)...

The deal with an MMO is to give you, the subscriber, entertainment but also basically what you desire (through grinding, etc.)... since it is a Star Wars product, set in the KotOR era, the Jedi/Sith are things that customers will want, and rightfully so as it is Knights of the Old Republic. Limiting them in any way is folly.

Perhaps the other available classes for said Star Wars MMO ought to be looked into, make them more appealing to play by giving them their own respective 'bonuses'.
I agree with you, you cannot roll out a Kotor MMO and then restrict the amount of jedi´s by rules the player himself has allmost no influence on. As in max. % of jedi on a server, that basically screws over every player that joined the game/server later.

@Master Zionosis: Having a min. level in order to start your jedi training will not prevent anyone from becoming a jedi if that particular class is too strong, because MMO´s are longtime games meant to be played for month or years. At some point every player will hit the max lvl, there is no MMO where it is not the goal of the player to reach the level cap. Actually in allmost every MMO except the asian grinder´s the real game expierience starts when you hit the level cap (as in the maximum amount of your abilities and talents), because thats when the endgame content, raiding, pvp and so on starts.

So the easiest way to reduce the amount of Jedi´s is to not make them too overpowered and to give all others classes attractive abilities aswell.

And in the end who cares about jedis anyway, i´d much rather play a mandalorian with shiny beskar´gam a beskaad and some big blaster:-), and judging from the amount of jedi´s / sith / dark jedi´s my non jedi party members desintegrated in KotOR those old republic force users werent that tough anyway:-).
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