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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
I've explained this before. If they drew attention to themselves, then they'd get killed by Sion, or more likely, Nihilus. Every time since the purge began that the Jedi showed themselves, they got wiped out and they didn't even know what was hunting them. What were they supposed to do?
That was their explanation, but frankly the Exile pawns Sion in most meetings, so why fear him - and given they didn't know about Nihilus they should of taken the fight to him...

Originally Posted by Corinthian
No, Yoda failed because he decided that since he couldn't take the Emperor in single combat, he shouldn't do anything.
I was under the impression Palpatine could locate Yoda - and only couldn't because Yoda was next to a darkside Nexus on Dagobah - not that I don't agree with the sentiment.

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