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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del View Post
Allow me the cliché of saying that they can't protect anyone if they're dead. Unless on the force ghost shape, which I doubt it's of much use.

Besides, the Jedi who went into hiding never ceased to help people. Kavar helped the queen of Onderon to keep her throne, Zez would save people occasionally at Nar Shadaa, Kavar secretely aided administrator Adare on the construction of Khoonda and Vash, well, Vash died.

The Jedi seem uncapable of stay cloacked for much time.
Vrook was with Adare in Khoonda, but he didn't help her with the reconstruction. She was actually helping him to preserve the ruins of the enclave from the scavengers. He took the first chance he could to be captured and shipped out of that place, but got angry at the Exile for forcing him to help against the mercenaries.

ZKE was wise and all, but didn't help the Exile when she needed help the most. His intentions were well placed, but his actions were passive and provided few deeds for anyone other than jedi.
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