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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Vrook was with Adare in Khoonda, but he didn't help her with the reconstruction. She was actually helping him to preserve the ruins of the enclave from the scavengers. He took the first chance he could to be captured and shipped out of that place, but got angry at the Exile for forcing him to help against the mercenaries.
Well, someone needed to preserve the Jedi artefacts and teachings left behind, otherwise the Jedi wouldn't survive. But Vrook couldn't know that Atris was already doing the same.

But by allowing himself to be captured, the problems the mercenaries caused would likely diminish, thereby allowing the people of Dantooine to continue the reconstruction with little interruption.

Originally Posted by JCarter426
Doing nothing will certainly solve everything.
And going out and being killed one by one would solve everything too.
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