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Originally Posted by Astor_Kaine View Post
Well, someone needed to preserve the Jedi artefacts and teachings left behind, otherwise the Jedi wouldn't survive. But Vrook couldn't know that Atris was already doing the same.

But by allowing himself to be captured, the problems the mercenaries caused would likely diminish, thereby allowing the people of Dantooine to continue the reconstruction with little interruption.
The issue the jedi should have been focused on was defeating the sith... not preserving the jedi. Atris was more interested in acquiring power for herself and was the greatest enemy to the jedi. She arranged for Katarr to be destroyed and for the other masters to gather on Dantooine, where she wouldn't be in danger, herself.

The only one who was directly responsible for saving the jedi was the Exile. The jedi who remained were more interested in saving themselves and their way than in saving the Republic. If KZE had been a true jedi, he would have stood up against the masters for their sin against the Exile. Kavar would have not turned on his friend. Vrook would have not been so bogged down with the jedi to realize that stopping the sith was the real goal.

Vrook's capture would have served for good once. After that, he would have been dead. The Exile did all he aimed for and more... he still treated her like she was a threat.
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