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Originally Posted by TriggerGod View Post
I'm gonna stick with the Exile-Nihilus theory. Nihilus is the opposite of the 'canon' exile. The Exile is Lightside Female, while Nihilus is Darkside Male (but, not reversed for if your a male.).
So, imagine either a really tough looking guy in the Darkside, or a really girly looking guy <_<
Nihilus is opposite to the Exile in a sense that they were presented the same choice, yet chose opposite paths - Which itself should have no bearing on the gender, appearance or age of Nihilus whilst he actually had an idenitity.

Anyways, I recently bought the KOTOR campaign guide - And it contains a pretty neat tidbit of information that offers some hints about his origins;

"Victim of the Mandalorian Wars, the man who became Nihilus lost everything; his possessions, his loved ones, and the will to live."

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