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Coldbreath awoke to a loud ringing sound. The dream he had felt to good to simply awake to. But the ringing was far to loud for his senses and soon he opened his eyes and answered the comlink.

"Yeah?" He asked the person on the other line.

"Ah Coldbreath. I am just calling again to say how greatful we were to that job you preformed on Corellia." The caller said. Coldbreath grunted into the comlink. Almost preparing to shut it off.

"It was easy. Right now I am going to Coruscant so whatever other jobs you have for me will have to wait until next week when I plan to go back to Corellia." The caller agreed and hung up. Coldbreath was sitting in the cockpit of his z-95 headhunter. It was quite old and heavily used by the time he bought it. He got a very good bargain for the ship as it was still serviceable.

Coldbreath's journy to Coruscant was purely recreational. All he wanted to do was drink a lot of lomine ale and see a few of his contacts. As he usually did during his annual trips to the various occupied worlds.

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