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It was one of the hottest days the team had do endure on Utapau. The team of 12 ARC troopers and their jedi general were looking for Grievous and Darth Sidious. The ARC Commander was much more timid this day than any other. The process had already begun, it was only a matter of time now. They continued walking until a holoimage appeared on the Commander's left gauntlet.

"Commander Kyr'am execute Order 66," said the voice.

Kyr'am took his Deece off his back and fired at the jedi infont of him. The General was taken by surprise and was not ready for this attack, he dropped to the ground dead. Kyr'am walked up to the jedi and took his lightsaber.

"I'm so sorry sir... truly sorry."

"Commander Kyr'am wake up!" said the Imperial Officer.

Kyr'am looked at the man and eyed him up. No one yelled at Kyr'am but this time it was different. He had been chosen to try to recruit some students into joining up with the Empire. He didn't know why but he didn't ask questions. His old friend Sergeant Kal Skirata, the man who helped train him, always told him to never ask questions. He looked up to Kal'buir and listened to whatever he said. He had been sleeping outside the classroom when the officer woke him up.

"Go ahead in, I think they're ready for you," The Officer ordered.

Kyr'am opened the door and walked into the classroom. He was still unsure of why that Officer could order him around but he didn't want to end up like the other clones. He shut the door behind him and noticed the teacher was still talking to the students, clearly he had no idea how a real classroom operated.

"Excuse me Miss Drithma," Kyr'am began as he took off his helmet," My name is Alpha... Commander Kyr'am and I'm here to speak to your students."

"What did I do to get sent to this dar'yaim," Kyr'am thought to himself.

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