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"Please proceed, Alpha Commander," the holoimage of Cha Drithma replied in her rather cold, formal way. "As for the rest of you, class, please pay silent and respectful attention. Your very futures could depend on what he has to say to you today." Without another word, the stoic Mon Calamari fell silent.

Nylen Moranity whispered closely in Chasi's ear: "A Stormtrooper clone, eh? I'm expecting a lot of 'uh's', 'um's', and 'wait a minute's' in this speech. After all, a copy of a copy isn't always so sharp!" She slapped her hand over her mouth to stifle an outburst of giggles. As for Chasi, she didn't think that her best friend's joke was all that funny. What Alpha Commander Kyr'am had to discuss was no laughing matter, and besides, he could probably shoot Nylen down in two seconds flat, point-blank range. Nylen could be a laugh riot at times (especially when Cha Drithma made a mistake in one of her lectures in class), but she was also a xenophobe. She thought aliens were better off working as dancers or waitstaff at cantinas than teachers, with which Chasi disagreed.

Still, the upcoming presentation (Empire propaganda session?) worried her. Who would want me for a soldier anyway? she thought. Since birth, I have had a moderate form of cerebral paralysis. I have enough trouble standing up on my own two feet and walking, let alone shooting things or people! Nylen's a star in Physical Fitness Training, but I'm the worst in the class. If it wasn't for my knack for languages and public speaking techniques, I'd probably be one of the lowest-ranking students in this whole facility. She looked at the clock, and a sudden idea flashed in her mind. I can't control time--not even the traitorous Jedi can do that--but what I can do is try to move the numbers on the digital clock on the wall through the Force. The shorter this speech is, the better. I'm not exactly keen on enlisting.

Lunch would begin after this class period; as it stood, there were twenty minutes to go. Chasi concentrated with all her might and managed to increase the time on the clock from 11:40 to 11:42 AM. So far, so good. Let's see how fast the Alpha Commander thinks on his feet. She smiled.
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