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Finally Coldbreath's headhunter flew through the darkness of space towards the grande city of Coruscant. Coldbreath had been there many times during his career and found it to be one of his favorite planets. However since the rise of the Empire he found it harder to do his own thing without being threatened about calling Stormtroopers. It was dreadfully annoying.

You do notice Coldbreath. As the force runs through the hearts of every jedi it runs through all living things as well. Some however are more sensitive to the force...

As Coldbreath was a very small time mercenary he found it hard to get good weapons. The only weapons he decided to bring with him to Coruscant was a second hand CDEF blaster and a sawed off Czerka 6-2Aug2. The rifle was a gift to him as payment for a job a few months back.

Suddenly Coldbreath recieved a transmission. He quickly patched it in. "Let me see here. Mr. Coldbreath flying the "unnamed". Your cleared" A bored pilot checkout said. Coldbreath smirked as he flew through the Coruscant atmosphere before landing

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