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Originally Posted by Corinthian View Post
Just remember my words - you make Force-Sensitivity easily accessible, and not only will RP turn into a raging cesspool of crap, but the forums will turn into an endless stream of pure undiluted whine about how either Jedi are too powerful or Jedi aren't powerful enough.
That type of 'whining' happens in all MMO's... there will always be a power-gamer 'flavor of the month'. Jedi/Sith will be what they are, the other classes are the key to the games success, make them each special in some way to make people want to roll one up.

Originally Posted by Corinthian View Post
You make Jedi too weak, and you'll have fans demanding a buff because it's basically screwing Lore for Balance. Just saying.
Again you state this like it is a 'problem' it really isn't... and is a part of these MMO's and the people who play thems ways. Part of the player base will want more power and the other part (who don't like or roll the 'flavor of the month' characters that power-gamers do) will want them 'nerfed'. It is the way of things.

Balance always trumps Canon or Lore (the game has to be fair and play-able.)

It also isn't a 'bad' thing...

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