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MMOtor will be good if...
...they take out the MMO part. Nah, just kidding. Well, not really. But it could be good, if they focus more on story and ensure that there are ways to gain XP without killing everything in sight. And then quadruple the number of ways they come up with. And from what I've heard from the developers' comments, that's what they're doing--we'll have to just wait and see, it seems. Even then it wouldn't be my cup of tea, since I'm not into roleplaying.

As for the Jedi issue, I see only two possible ways the devs could make a completely balanced system: either they make everybody a Jedi, or nobody a Jedi. Now, the latter would cause an immeasurable number of complaints, and the former would negate some roleplaying opportunities (not that I care, but I figure I'm only one out of several million). So, take the former, but put a twist on it.

The Jedi Order was nearly wiped out in K2; most Force sensitives--half the party, for instance--are Force sensitive without knowing it (or they know, but have never been formally trained). And yet those same characters are bounty hunters, techs, pilots, historians, albino boxers? I think you can see where I'm going here; every player in the MMO could be Force sensitive, with that ability naturally growing over time instead of being unlocked by some arbitrary skill choices (only to have the system change half-way through enabling anyone to be a Jedi from the start), but they still would have a number of carreer choices. In fact, they could choose not to focus on their Force abilities at all, instead gaining more skills, abilities, etc.

A generic soldier killing a Jedi singlehandedly is a bit unbelievable, but Force senstivie soldier--even one who isn't trained in the Force--killing a Jedi isn't all that believable; their Force sensitivity still gives them a slight edge, so it's an even match. Well, the Jedi in the fight still has advantages such as...oh, a lightsaber (or two), and experience using the Force, but that's where all those other abilities that non-Jedi get come in.

In any case, everybody as a (potential) Jedi...anyone with me?

Of course, I doubt BioWare is actually doing this, seeing as some of the rumors place the game at around 500 years after K2. But meh, a guy can hope.

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