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'Pure Neimoidia'?

The planet was a wasteland, in truth. About eight months ago, the Republic had assaulted it and desolated most of the planet with an orbital bombardment. Now they had come back to visit because of some underground bunker.

The place smelled like badly overcooked meat left out in the sun for a few months.

Actually, that's really not an unreasonable assessment. Charred corpses of Neimoidians and the black and melted skeletons of their attendant droids were scattered around the building, and everywhere outside, a macabre trophy of a meaningless victory. Even the sophisticated filtration systems of his helmet couldn't keep this stench out. The massive structure, what was left of a Neimoidian hatchery, had most of it's ceiling scooped out like some malevolent God had smote it.

Kando grimaced. The main body of the Grand Army was scattered across the outer rim or the core worlds, trying to maintain peace and destroy what little was left of the CIS. When Intel discovered this hidden base, they had dispatched a grand total of one soldier in a beaten up piece of scrap that at some point might have actually been an effective combat vessel, say, around the time the Republic formed.

He spotted a likely spot, a small plume of warm gas, visible on his visor like a tendril of some kind of subterranean monster coming from the ground. He grabbed the inactive B2 Battle Droid that was over the spot and shoved it, revealing a small ventilation shaft, about the size of a man's fist. The ARC groaned and smacked the wall with his armored fist. That was the sixth one.


A bleeping sound came from the other side of a damaged wall. He pulled himself through a breach, seeing as a lift ascended to the surface, a Neimoidian and a few B1 Droids on it. The Neimoidian bolted as soon as the lift stopped, heading off in some random direction, not noticing the ARC in black armor. A blaster bolt caught the Neimoidian in the back of the head, leaving very little left.

The Droids turned and opened fire, a spray of red bolts in his general direction. Sloppy. He should have nixed the droids first. His Westar-M5 came up, firing a short burst of blue bolts that shattered one droid. The others ducked for cover.

Must have an intelligence upgrade. He shrugged and pulled out an EMP grenade. It would destroy the lift's controls, but he was taking an alternate route anyway. He tossed it, then locked his armor down in preparation for the pulse. His HUD went offline a second before the EMP exploded, disabling the droids.

Five seconds later, his HUD came back online. The droids lay inactive on the lift, and with a few shots from his pistol, none of them would ever bother him again.

No hatch. He sighed and reached into his pack, piecing together a miniature plasma cutter. This would take a while.
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