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Mercs 2? It's a little buggy, unpolished in story telling. Animation in the cinematics is sh*tty, voice lines get repeated a lot in the game (Chris' are really noticeable, not really Mattias'), voice acting is a little mixed, some of it is great, some is pretty bad. Spanish accents are a little goofy... How is it?

F*ckin' great, it's not game of the year material but it's still a blast to play, and blowing sh*t up is just as great as it was in the first Mercenaries. Now, I haven't tried Co-Op yet, it's really just for two friends to play with, but I'd be glad to play with anyone here on teh 360. Gamertag is Zerstorer23 if you didn't already know that.

Anyway, there are some changes from the first Mercs. There is not only just money, there is oil that you need to collect, which you do by finding and marking for your own personal helicopter pilot to pick up. Also, the buying system is a little different, instead of just buying whatever you want from the menu and having it delivered, be it car, heli, supplies, or bunker buster, you have to either collect it or buy it in advanced from a supplier. So that gives you the opportunity to get cheap bombing runs because you can just find and steal the bombs required for it, just hire a personal jet pilot and it will only cost you fuel to nuke someone. Otherwise you'll need to buy that thing instead. But this sucks a little bit in another way, cause I had a situation where I had no C4 to take out a building and a tank. I couldn't just buy a C4 supply pack for $5K from the menu, I had to buy a pack later, which essentially is sent back to your HQ (a big mansion that you steal early in the game), to be delivered at the cost of fuel to you by your helicopter pilot. Oh, and also, the deck of 52 is gone, there are still bounties for random guys, but there is more structure now, with some minor missions on the outside, sorta like the first Mercenaries.

Anyway, that's pretty much it. It's great. If you're a fan of the first game and want to continue the fun, get it. Really, it's great.

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